About Smarty Girl

The Smarty Girl mission is to empower young girls to pursue what makes them unique through clever clothing that encourages curiosity. 


Emilee Palomino, founder of Smarty Pants, girly dinosaur clothing for kidsHi! I'm Emilee, founder of Smarty Girl and mom to miss Sofie Lou, the original #SmartyGirl.

Two-year-old Sofie is the fiery spark to my fuse and inspiration behind everything the brand stands for.

Sofie's love of airplanes inspired my boyish designs for girly girls.

As a purveyor of precocious pants, the Smarty Girl brand encompasses my greatest passions:

- motherhood + female empowerment
- marketing + entrepreneurship
- education + girls in STEM
- fashion + art

The bold and boyish prints are inspired by my daughter for modern mamas and their bright, brainy (and yes, girly) daughters.

Because girls like dinosaurs, too. We just want them in purple with a handbag and hair bow! 





I started the Smarty Girl line of toddler leggings because I couldn’t find what I was looking for while shopping for Sofie.

Toddler girl clothes were all hearts-this, flowers-that. Now no one loves a good floral print more than me but the girls’ sections of stores left me wanting more. 

When I glanced at boys’ clothing, there were STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) designs like sharks and airplanes.

And the message sent to young girls? "Sorry, impressionable little lady, these subjects are off limits for you."

I tell my daughter she can be a scientist/pilot/whatever when she grows up, but why can't I find clothing to reflect that gender equality attitude?

So I decided to do something about it.


Let’s get one thing straight — the Smarty Girl brand is not anti-hearts and anti-flowers.

I am pro-girl and pro-girly.

Personally? I love hearts and flowers. And my favorite color is pink. So my prints are extra girly.

The Smarty Girl brand is about options so girls understand that STEM aren’t boy topics.

Smarty Girl prints are typically marketed toward boys. But I've put a girly spin on them. Not because all girls should like pinkbut because I do! 💕


While leggings can only do so much to uplift young girls, I believe my boyish designs for girly girls contribute to girls believing they can do anything boys can. 

I invite you join the Smarty Girl tribe of empowered mothers empowering their daughters. I hope you'll jump in the conversation on Instagram. I'd also be genuinely delighted to connect on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. And you can find more on my FAQ page.


Sincere thanks for joining the journey.

I'm just a mama with an idea that has resonated with so many others. Your support means the world to me.