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the SMARTY GIRL story


Emilee Palomino, Founder of Smarty Girl

My toddler daughter loves sharks, dinosaurs and airplanes.

But clothes shopping had me puzzled. It seems that makers of clothing decided girls aren't interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). 

I didn't know anything about starting a clothing line, but I did know that young girls deserve more options than hearts and flowers. 


Lightbulb Moment

Young girls aspire to be what they see.

That's why I created leggings that empower my daughter to be whatever the heck she wants to be. (Bonus: Running this business has empowered me.)

The Smarty Girl brand encompasses my greatest passions — motherhood, art, fashion, female empowerment and STEM.


Empower a Girl, Empower the World

I've found a sisterhood of like-minded mamas whose fierce girl power energy is shaking up the idea of what young girls are.

Spoiler alert: Our daughters are future doctors, teachers, presidents, astronauts, artists and engineers who will change the world.

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Ethical or Bust

Who makes Smarty Girl leggings? That's an important question that I feel good about answering. 

I founded this company on the principle that my products must benefit all involved. Cheap fashion isn't cheap; someone, somewhere is paying.

I’m proud to partner with a small family-run manufacturer in Lima, Peru who is committed to employee well-being. Kids wear Smarty Girl leggings but they will never make them.


Premium Pima

Smarty Girl leggings are made from Peruvian pima.

Pima cotton is known as the finest of all cottons for being exceptionally soft, durableand absorbent. Its extra-long staple is picked by hand and produces an extraordinary weave that feels similar to satin.


No Detail Too Small

When it comes to quality, I don't compromise.

With a wide comfy waistband, soft sewn-in label, scratch-free embroidery, hefty hang tag and recycled packaging...details are my thing. 

The end result? Boutique-quality leggings with bold and clever prints you won't find elsewhere.

I hope you love them as much as I do ðŸ’ 

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