Why So Much Pink and Purple?


I tell my daughter Sofie that she can be a pilot. 

That means she should look around and see evidence of female pilots—in her books, in her role models and definitely in her wardrobe.

I put a pink bow on her Amelia Earhart Halloween costume so people wouldn't think she was a boy. 

Emilee and Sofie Palomino in an Amelia Earhart Costume
Not that there's nothing wrong with girls wearing "boy" colors. Or boys wearing "girl" colors. Or anyone wearing whatever the heck they want.

I'm in favor of kids expressing themselves however they choose. 

My Smarty Girl prints happen to be girly because I'm girly.   

You name it, I like itdresses, makeup, jewelry.

Pink has always been my favorite color. 

Here's me looking pleased as a peach in the most frilly dress to ever exist. (That pinky is extra fancy!)

Emilee Palomino baby dress picture

So when I started this company about a year ago, pink and frilly felt like the most natural decisions for my prints. 

It's why my airplane leggings have a flower propeller on the biplane, hearts coming from the 747 and a hot pink fighter jet. 

Toddler Girl Airplane Leggings
Because girls love aviation, engineering, biology and technology just as much as boys.

And they should have clothing options to reflect that. 

It's my passion to provide those options and empower young girls to pursue what makes them unique through clever clothing that encourages curiosity.

So if that means dinosaurs, I'm adding a floral wreath.

And if that means sharks, I'm making sure there's a handbag involved.

Toddler Girl Shark Leggings

Because no matter how much I love pink and frilly, Sofie and all girls should have more options than princesses and unicorns. 

Toddler Girl Airplane Leggings and Amelia Earhart Pilot Costume

I'm so excited to launch the above new prints (airplanes and sharks plus insects and chemistry) in a few weeks. Be sure to subscribe here to receive a coupon when they launch.

Sincere thanks for following my journey of launching "boyish designs for girly girls." Your support means the world to me! 

Emilee Palomino, Smarty Girl Founder
Smarty Girl
Founder/Chief of Everything  

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