Smarty Pants is Now Smarty Girl

The Brand Formerly Known as Smarty Pants

Decisions at start-up companies are made at lightning speed.

Smarty Pants is Now Smarty Girl

In former corporate gigs, I'd watch as decisions were endlessly ping-ponged for months in meetings.

Now I own a small business and tough decisions (like changing the name of said business) are made over the course of two days.

Two stressful days of constant jaw-clenching. But two days.

Like the decision to change the name of my company from Smarty Pants to Smarty Girl.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

When I had the idea for Smarty Pants seven months ago, I looked up the name in the trademark database

Here's what I found:

Smarty Pants trademark search

And that's only the first page of results.

Surely I'm not the only one who's confused. 

What should you do if you're confused about trademarks? Hire a trademark attorney.

Instead, I did some amateur research and decided to wing it. Bad idea, you guys.

Since launching a month ago, I've made good sales and am starting to feel like a legit company.

I figured it was time to hire a professional. 

Well according to him, using the name Smarty Pants means I *might* get sued years from now.

I considered taking the chance.

My mother-in-law, who works at a law firm, quickly squashed that terrible idea. 

Bottom line: I don't want to worry about potentially losing a brand that I've built from the ground up. 

Smarty Girl

It's scary to make business decisions quickly and often on my own.

Ouch pink bandage

It's what I've been doing since I first had the idea for toddler girl leggings with "boyish" designs. 

And it's also how I got into this trademark predicament.

But it's what I'll keep doing to move the Smarty Girl brand forward.

Though I'm sentimental about losing the Smarty Pants name, a lawsuit sounds like something best avoided.

Even with my business degree and marketing background, entrepreneurship has been a trial by fire.

I'm just glad it won't be an actual trial. With, like, a judge and attorney fees and stuff. 

Yeah, let's definitely avoid that.

 Emilee Palomino Smarty Girl leggings brand founder

Smarty Girl 
Founder/Chief of Everything   

New here? Welcome!


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  • 9/12/22



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