How to Compliment a Young Girl (Without Mentioning Looks!)


to Compliment a Young Girl (Without Mentioning Her Looks!)

Think about how it feels to receive a compliment. Good, right? 

There are all kinds of words that give us the warm fuzziesa mention of our stylin' shoes, hip hair color or snazzy jewelry.

But how do you feel when someone gives you a heartfelt compliment about something that really matters?

When friends or family tell you what a great job you're doing or how great of a person you are, that's a whole different kind of warm fuzzy.
So imagine how a young girl feels when she receives a compliment about something other than her appearance.

More than simple flattery, compliments are the building blocks for lifelong self-esteem that we carry with us everywhere we go.

We should all focus more on giving praise that matters. That's why I've complied this handy dandy cheat sheet.

5 Easy Ways to Compliment a Young Girl (Without Talking About Her Looks)

1. Encourage Effort

Even if the result isn't what they expected or wanted, it's powerful to tell someone they tried hard and that their effort was worth it.

It's not easy learning to deal with disappointment, so knowing that trying is a big part of life helps kids keep trying again and again.

2. Recognize Her Sense of Being

Children, especially girls, need to know that they are worthy of simply being a part of this world.

Telling a girl that you're thankful and lucky to be her mom/aunt/nana lets her know that she's adored just the way she is.

3. Emphasize Good Character

When you see a young girl being respectful, kind or trustworthy, that's worth a compliment.

Society places high value on achievement and talent. 

But by not glossing over characteristics like honesty and reliability, wisdom can be imparted early on and compel kids to continue living with integrity.

4. Appreciate Sense of Style

If you must talk about clothing, remark how they chose to wear particular items.

Knowing that they are responsible for making their own choices is empowering for a child.

Plus, it will boost confidence in their decision-making abilities.

5. Above All, Be Sincere

Don't tell a child they've done a great job if they haven't.

It's best to assume kids can feel the intention behind words. Little ones are more perceptive than we think!

Compliments are Little Gifts of Love

Very powerful gifts. And it's our job to give them the right way.

Let's do all that we can to encourage girls and foster their sense of self.

To all the moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers working hard to raise confident girls, I applaud you!

We're all in this together.  


Smarty Girl 
Founder/Chief of Everything  

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