Affiliate Program

Make money (and get free clothes) by spreading the word about a mom-owned company that's on a girl power mission.  

Smarty Girl's Affiliate Program allows mom bloggers and influencers to monetize by promoting leggings to their audience.

Affiliates receive a 10% commission and are paid monthly via PayPal.

Join a tribe of mamas empowering their daughters and earn cash. How cool is that? 

Here's how it works...

You'll have an affiliate link that's yours and yours alone.

I'll send you a free pair of leggings (you decide which print + size).

Then it's up to you to promote them.

Sing the Smarty Girl gospel as much or as little as you'd like:

●  Instagram story using the "swipe up" feature

●  Instagram post with your affiliate link in your bio

●  A post or review on your blog

●  A banner on your website

●  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest

●  You can even promote in real life — the possibilities are endless

The more you post, the more you make!  Remember that customers must use your affiliate link. 


How do I become an affiliate?

Step 1: Be invited by moi.

Step 2: Sign-up here through a program called Refersion. It's quick and painless, don't worry. 

Upon approval, affiliates receive access to their Refersion dashboard.

The dashboard will generate a link that affiliates give to customers to ensure sales are attributed properly.


How much are affiliates paid?

Affiliates earn 10% of sales that are made via their affiliate link.

For example: When a customer pays full price for a pair of leggings, affiliates receive 10% of $18 — $1.80.

Note that most customers do purchase more than one pair!

Commissions are calculated less shipping, tax and discounts. 

How are sales attributed to affiliates?

Customers must use the affiliate link that's generated by Refersion. 

On the dashboard, affiliates can track the number of visitors they send to the website and sales they make. 


How do affiliates get paid?

Commissions are paid in Refersion via PayPal. 

Affiliates provide the email address associated with their PayPal account on the dashboard.


How often are affiliates paid?

Once per month. 

Affiliate payments are processed on the first business day of each month for the previous month's sales.

For example: An affiliate is paid on March 1 for commissions earned in the month of February.

How long is a customer's activity attributed to an affiliate? 

Cookies are tracked for 30 days.

For example: If a customer clicks an affiliate link on February 1 but doesn't purchase until February 28, the affiliate still receives a commission.

Other questions? Just let me know!

Now let's both make some dollar dollar bills, y'all. 

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